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Denise Gretchen-Doorly, Ph.D.

Psychology private practice

We designed and developed a professional and responsive website for the client’s clinical and health psychology practice. This website was built using WordPress as the CMS and features a highly-responsive layout, consumer education blog, form download management, advanced contact form, and social media integration, among other design features.

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  • Shoosrocket is a terrific web design company to work with. Yaron, the company's owner and designer, is extremely knowledgeable about web design. He knows the right questions to ask and can translate your ideas into a concrete product in wonderful ways. Two things separate his company from the rest of the pack: (1) his innate talent for design - he really knows how to work with visual space on web pages, business cards, and the like and (2) his responsiveness to his clients.  My project was on a deadline, which he met on time. I had a lot of questions and he patiently answered each one. He is open to client's ideas and responds to constructive feedback non-defensively and without attitude - two rare qualities in designers these days. He also communicates his opinions about your project clearly and without judgment. He understands that the final product is yours and that you need to be happy with it, but if he sees something that just isn't working, he will let you know without personal attack or criticism. I highly recommend Shoosrocket to anyone looking for a design studio with a personal touch headed by a naturally gifted designer and all-around nice guy.

    Dr. Denise Gretchen-Doorly Psychologist

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