Why Shoosrocket

We love what we do and we’re good at it! Not good enough? Okay, try this. As a “boutique” (aka small) design studio, we run a very lean operation with minimal overhead which allows us to offer our services for less. But that’s not all. When our passion for the work, our creative eye for design and our unmatched dedication to each client is added to the equation, clients get the uncompromising combination of high quality, professional work at an affordable price. That is why we consistently meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Who Is Shoosrocket?

We have been in the business of graphic design, web design and video production since the mid-1990s. We are a boutique digital design studio specializing in professional and affordable web, print, video and brand solutions for individuals and small businesses. We are located in the West Hollywood vicinity of Los Angeles, California and have been here happily since 2007.

What Is A "Shoosrocket?"

Good question. The short answer is, it’s a made-up word. Of course, there is more to the story. Pronounced shuce-rock•et, the word itself does not have a formal definition (at least, not that we are aware of). Rather, it’s the phonetic spelling of a childhood nickname given to the wife of studio Founder and Creative Director, Yaron Tilles. The nickname always resonated with Yaron and when it came time to name the studio, every other word considered was a distant second.

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